Raquel van Haver

Raquel van Haver (1989, Bogotá, Colombia) made these works especially for the Stedelijk Museum. They are inspired on her experiences in the Bijlmermeer Amsterdam, where she lives and works. The work also reflects on her stay in the ‘barrios’ and ‘favelas’ of megacities in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America.

The work is powerful and strong, it seems like the oil paint has been modeled on the paintings. Her collages are also very special. Very nice to work with Raquel on the lighting of these sculptural paintings.

The exhibition can be seen from November 25, 2018 through April 7, 2019. More information can be found on the website of Stedelijk Museum.

Light Design: Maarten Warmerdam
Team: Mike Evers, Isabel Nielen, Bart Meester and Maarten Warmerdam