In a backyard of a house are two men. They look at the evening-happiness of a small family. But the men come with bad news. News that will disturb the happiness of the family forever. The longer the men stand still and look at it the more difficult it seems to bring bad news.
There is something attractive to the elusive peace that the ignorant family radiates. So they keep looking, the men in the garden. To grant the happiness a little more time. The men who bring the bad news are in a swamp in front of a semi transparent wall.

The light plays with the visibility of the ‘world of happiness’ behind the wall. In the presentation, a number of mythical scenes which brings the deceased daughter in contact with the rest of the family. A change in light and light rays that connect the characters makes the audience accepts this reality. Eventually the two worlds are revolving; now the threats of the outside world can penetrate the world of the family.