The starting point of the design is the existing architecture of the building and elements from the space. The bar is dominant in the space. With its high level of finish and materials used, such as certain types of wood, brass top and brass footrests, the bar exudes luxury and determines the appearance. The existing architecture is translated in this design into a warm, cozy and comfortable space. A place for theater, to work, meet and have a drink. An interior that feels like a living room. It is a unique place where foyer, performances, café and events come together. The decoration is formed by a neutral base of simple neutral and earthy colors. The colors used are, black, brass, raw wood and orange. The color orange arises from the transparent plates of the facade. The current room is a light room. By applying a quantity of globe LED lamps with a warm color temperature, heat is added to the room. This creates a space that radiates atmosphere and where it is nice to stay. By shining light on the curtains and spreading various globe LED lamps on lamp bases throughout the room, a theatrical setting is created.